Free Wills Month

Become a solicitor for Free Wills Month

Free Wills Month is special in a few particular ways. The fact we pay a fee for each Will written is only part of the appeal:

We advertise your details in your best-read local newspapers which brings clients to the firm for Free Wills Month and serves as positive PR in the future (doing something good and being associated with some of the UK's favourite charities).

Firms have been with us since the start (2005) because above and beyond helping the worthy causes it makes business sense for them in terms of repeat business, extra services each year and builds their Will bank for the future.

The publicity is strictly contained within March/October, your details aren't made available before or after this time. Users of the campaign have to contact you during the month but the appointments can be at any time that suits you and your client.

We send a nice certificate out at the end of the campaign thanking you for your part in raising over £7million each year in future income for the charities. Legacies are high value gifts so even 10 appointments can be worth £50k or more to the charities.

You can limit how many appointments you take - some firms just take 10-15 appointments and call us when they've booked the last one - we take details off the website right away and out of any remaining adverts.

We pay promptly and are happy to fit round your invoicing routine whether that is one invoice at the end of all the Wills being written or one for each matter.

This website gets over 70k visitors during the campaign driven by a mixture of outdoor and online advertising and mentions on BBC Radio 4, 5Live and ITV.

The campaign is aimed at people ages 55 and over, with the average user being a charity supporter aged 67.

If you would like to know more about this special campaign and how you can be part of it please get in touch.